The Hard Truth About Beauty Standards

“You’d be so much prettier if you just knew how to do your makeup.”

“You’re pretty for a black girl.”

“You have such a pretty face for a fat girl!”

“Do you really think that you should eat that?”

“You know that crop tops aren’t meant for people your size, right?”

“Maybe you should go on a diet? No boy is going to ask you out if you look like you just ate an entire buffet by yourself.”

One thing that I’ve learned in my twenty years is that people will always tell you their opinion, no matter how rude and despite the fact that you never even asked for it. They will disguise their hateful words as ‘care about your well-being’ like they have a right to trtumblr_mxqxihHJQM1sk5o2uo1_500y to control your body or the way you think about yourself.

A majority of the girls that I know do everything in their power to seem invisible or to just do what everyone tells them to do when it comes to their appearances. I know girls with little sisters who are on diets at age 10 because a classmate said that they had thunder-thighs and I know girls who eat once a day because they don’t want to get called a pig for eating like a normal human being.

I have seen the effects of an eating disorder tear apart someone’s dreams and I have seen the insecurity on a girls face when she wipes off her makeup and presents herself to the world like she’s just a worthless object that can be thrown away. I have seen girls cry into a mirror because they had dark skin and everywhere you turn the media is telling you that black isn’t beautiful, and how are you supposed to love yourself if everything in the world is telling you that you aren’t good enough?

We don’t hate ourselves until we’re taught to. We don’t love ourselves until we’re forced to.


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