Books I’ll Never Write #5

Winter Wonderland (because sometimes your best friend is your soulmate)

“Lylah! If you throw one more freaking snowball at me, we’re going to have a problem!” Scarlet yelled with laughter in her voice, throwing her own snowball at the tree that Lylah was trying to hide behind. Scarlet shook the melting snow off of her hands and giggled when Lylah stuck her head out from behind the tree. “I would like you to know that I’m only throwing the snowballs because you shoved snow down my pants as soon as we walked outside.” Lylah yelled and Scarlet grinned sheepishly at her.

“Come on, let’s go make snow angels!” Scarlet said excitedly, running towards the only patch of snow that they hadn’t ruined with their feet before falling onto her back and looking up at the grey sky. She felt Lylah lay next to her and she reached over to tangle their fingers together, the thought of making snow angels replaced with just laying peacefully on the cold ground.

Scarlet closed her eyes and rubbed her thumb over the top of Lylah’s hand, only to jerk up thanks to the snow that Lylah had shoved up her shirt. “I hate you.” Scarlet muttered, shaking her shirt so the snow would fall out and Lylah just smiled at her before laying back on the tumblr_nfxjg26sIV1rbzefyo1_500ground.

“No you don’t, you love me. And do you know how I know you love me?” Lylah asked, tugging Scarlet down by her t-shirt so she wasn’t the only one laying on the ground. “Because I haven’t killed you off yet.” Scarlet said sarcastically, reaching back down so she could go back to holding Lylah’s hand like she had been before.

“No, you goof. Because it’s been five years and you still kiss me like you did the very first time.”


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