Books I’ll Never Write #2

Bruised and Scarred (because no one ever writes about the real life monsters)

“You left bruises on my body in the shape of your drunken fist and I called it love. And that’s why I have to leave. Because if I stay here and keep telling myself that it’s going to get better and that everything will be okay eventually, you’re going to love me to death.” Shay said softly, hands trembling from how scared she was and tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

John took another swallow of his beer and set it down on the coffee table before stalking over to Shay, trapping her in the corner and towering over her. “Do you really think that I’m going to let you leave?” John hissed, hand shooting out and wrapping around Shay’s throat. “No one is going to love you because you’re pathetic. You can’t get a job because you’re stupid. You couldn’t even try to sell yourself because no one wants ugly, sloppy seconds. You need me. I have to take care of you. Nobody else would do that. Nobody else cares. They wouldn’t notice if you just disappeared, but I would because I am the best thing that is ever going to happen to you. Do you understand me?” John yelled, his hand squeezing tighter around Shay’s throat.

She clawed at his hand, desperate for air because she knew that if she passed out he would just use her body like he always did. She nodded her head the best that she could and when John let her go she took huge gulps of air, the edges of her vision black and wonky. Tears were streaming down her face and she couldn’t look him in the eyes because she was so ashamed of how weak she was. “If you ever try anything like this again, I’ll kill you.” John threatened, and Shay believed him.

She knew that if he caught her trying to leave that no one would ever find her body and that he would be on to the next lonely little girl he saw. He would play on their insecurities and convince them that he was doing them a favor by staying with him. He would tear apart their lives and call it looking out for them. And the first time he hit them he would cry and promise that it would never happen again and despite the doubt in the back o4833849777_b37a6ab69d_bf their heads, they would believe him.

John was the monster that every little girl prayed she would never end up with and all Shay could do was hope that she lived long enough to make sure he couldn’t hurt anyone else.

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